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Research Groups

The research at the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems is committed to the challenges of digital transformation in business and society. In doing so, both scientific fundamentals as well as market and technology relevant topics are developed. The research and application centers located at the chair enable innovative cooperation between university and business - whether studies, consulting, seminars, workshops or long-term joint research projects. The close connection to industry, trade and the software industry is always a driving force for the five interdisciplinary research groups:

Sustainable Change

Increase the adaptability of systems to changing requirements.

Key areas: Software architectures, security, critical infrastructures, indicators, behaviour patterns

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Digital Processes

The future for corporate success through information systems and business processes

Key areas: ERP systems, machine learning, fluid processes, business models, platforms, development processes, value networks, digital platforms, augmented reality

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Knowledge, Learning, Training

The transfer and absorption of knowledge in times of digitalisation.

Key areas: Knowledge as production factor, transfer and diffusion, KMDL, protection of intellectual capital, learning and further education through new technologies, basic research, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, learning factory

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Decision Management

Decisions, their consequences and how we deal with them.

Key areas: Operations research, formal group decision theories, collective assessment procedures, participatory decision-making, collective future analyses, decision logic and artificial intelligence

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Factory software

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Manufacturing Analytics

Key areas: Industry 4.0, Hybrid Simulation, Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing Analytis, Research and Application Center Industry 4.0

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