10/2022 Journal contributions

Panzer, Marcel | Bender, Benedict | Gronau, Norbert

Neural agent-based production planning and control: An architectural review


Nowadays, production planning and control must cope with mass customization, increased fluctuations in demand, and high competition pressures. Despite prevailing market risks, planning accuracy and increased adaptability in the event of disruptions or failures must be ensured, while simultaneously optimizing key process indicators. To manage that complex task, neural networks that can process large quantities of high-dimensional data in real time have been widely adopted in recent years. Although these are already extensively deployed in production systems, a systematic review of applications and implemented agent embeddings and architectures has not yet been conducted. The main contribution of this paper is to provide researchers and practitioners with an overview of applications and applied embeddings and to motivate further research in neural agent-based production. Findings indicate that neural agents are not only deployed in diverse applications, but are also increasingly implemented in multi-agent environments or in combination with conventional methods — leveraging performances compared to benchmarks and reducing dependence on human experience. This not only implies a more sophisticated focus on distributed production resources, but also broadening the perspective from a local to a global scale. Nevertheless, future research must further increase scalability and reproducibility to guarantee a simplified transfer of results to reality.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Panzer, Marcel; Bender, Benedict; Gronau, Norbert
Journal Journal of Manufacturing Systems
Date 10/2022
Edition 65
pp. 743-766
DOI 10.1016/j.jmsy.2022.10.019
Keywords Production planning and control, Machine learning, Neural networks, Systematic literature review, Taxonomy